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Rub me tender…

There are times when you need to vacation or be away from those furry friends you love so much. Questions arise as to whether they should be boarded commercially, have a pet sitter come into the home for care, or go to the daycare for extended play date overnighters (and we can provide referrals and references for these options). But, for those special needs kids, those that need medications, frequent attention and walks to keep those joints from stiffening up, those who don’t necessarily get along with their canine colleagues or kitty klansman we, Animal Health Care of Marlboro, can offer another solution and that is our medical/special need, and care boarding.

We have a separate kitty room for our feline friends away from the hubbub of the general hospital but right next door to our team break room – so you know there’s a lot of foot traffic going back and forth for frequent petting and interaction with our boarders when they’re sleeping over. There’s lots of natural light provided by the large windows (you can see them from the back of the hospital) and play stations set up for climbing and scratching. The kitty condos are set up with perching spaces and, if room permits, there can be double wide or three story condo choices for exercise and sleeping spaces.

For our dogs, we have heated floor runs with natural lighting and flushing floor drains so that if accidents happen there’s no sleeping in a wet bed. Cushions are provided for traction and support. Frequent leash walks around the grounds to get fresh air and sunshine are part of the normal routine. We also have different sized sleeping spaces for those who might feel overwhelmed with such a large run space. We adjust to whatever our special- needs kids require. While our hospital is not necessarily the best place for routine boarding vacationers – we don’t have a fenced yard for play like the doggie day care options and we can’t compare to home care – we can help with those choices as you need them.

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