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May 16

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Dr. Deborah Breitstein recently returned from the 23rd annual North American Veterinary conference held in Orlando, FL. This conference was her 10th consecutive conference presence.  Dr. Breitstein concentrated her learning efforts in new diagnostic testing procedures and protocols for animals with heart murmurs that can allow indications of stress on the heart muscle and how to identify patients at risk for heart disease and/or congestive heart failure.  Other new and promising testing includes a sensitive blood test for animals that are at risk for pancreatitis that can give indication and direction for immediate and acute therapies to better aid the vomiting patient, the patient with a poor appetite, and those with unexplained weight loss. Many people are also unaware that up to 20 % of healthy cats and kittens can carry the bacteria known to cause cat scratch disease.  This fact can be important for new kitten owners as well as seasoned pet parents as this disease is transmitted to people through play activity though scratches and/or "love nibbles". Dr. Breitstein and the doctors and team of Animal Health Care of Marlboro have advocated testing all new kittens at introduction into households  as well as those cats who may exhibit a myriad of clinical signs including, but not limited to, chronic upper respiratory problems, skin diseases such as acne and even is cases of premature or excessive dental disease. For further information about any of these important diagnostic tests please contact us for more information at or e-mail the animal healthcare team