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We can see clearly now!

At Marlboro AHC, we have invested in digital radiology equipment for the most accurate animal x-ray studio. We can reduce exposure to our patients and team members, as well as, have a better diagnostic images. Consequently, image reproduction can be used for specialty consultations. We no longer have copies of animal X-Ray films developed and shipped via mail. For the purpose of a better continuity of care, any images can be added to an e-mail or a simple disk.

In the event that there is a recommendation for both digital animal X-rays and ultrasound of your pet then there is an effort to diagnose a difficult issues. Digital X-rays show the size, shape, and position of the organs and the ultrasound allows your veterinarian to see the internal structure of the organs. Ultrasound is very non-invasive and well tolerated by most pets.

More detailed information on diagnostic testing:
The Key to a Healthy Pet is Early Detection and Prevention of Disease (PDF)

Animal X-Ray

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