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Canine companions: veterinarians love to help them live longer

Aug 17

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Where would we be without our canine companions?  Surely far worse off were it not for those wagging tails, goofy grins and sticky licks! After attending a presentation by the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) at the NAVC- North Amercian Veterinary Conference in sunny Fla I learned about a unique study, groundbreaking you might say, as an effort to learn about cancer prevention and other canine diseases.  The project, according to the literature, attempts to identify genetic, nutritional and environmental risk factors for these problems that affect dogs. The researchers have targeted healthy Golden Retrievers as a breed at risk.  Cancer is the number one cause of deaths in all breeds of dogs over the age of 2. But certain breeds may be prone to types of cancer with very high risk. The first study aims to enroll healthy Golden Retrievers of varying ages and will continue the study for 14 years.  That translates approximately to age equivalent in human years to the "golden" years of 85-90!  Other breeds may also be enrolled as further funding becomes available. And because many of the same diseases affecting our pets also affect us, the risk factors that are identified may also help people in their fight in, and prevention of, these diseases.  The hope is that there may also be new diagnostic testing, diets and therapies uncovered that will provide insight into prevention and disease/cancer control. Want a great way to help our dogs enjoy a healthier tomorrow? Register your dog with the Canine Lifetime Health Project @