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Canine Influenza: The Dog Flu

Sep 24

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Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is a highly contagious viral infection affecting dogs and also cats. Influenza viruses belong to the family Orthomyxoviridae. Canine influenza is a Type A influenza virus and is further identified based on the composition of two specific proteins in the lipid outer layer of the capsid: hemagglutinin (HA) and […]

Dog Flu Diagnosis: Identifying Canine Influenza

Jun 30

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Dog Flu should be suspected in dogs with respiratory signs. Because of the increasing prevalence of Dog Flu (canine influenza), the rapid spread of the infection among dogs, and the potential for up to 20% of dogs to have a severe disease course, veterinarians and other pet care professionals should examine further any dogs with […]