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Choosing the perfect pet: veterinarians suggest: do your homework

Aug 17

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Many problems associated with owning a pet can be avoided if the pet owner does a little homework. Consult your veterinarian, take stock of what you have to offer: time, energy, commitment and get some background information from reputable pet health sites like and and take a quiz on sites such as or  so you can choose the right cat or dog for your household. Veterinarians offer advice as well as medical care and if you invest some time before taking an animal home you are more likely to have a good match and experience. With more than 170 breeds and varieties of cats and dogs, prospective pet parents can get information from veterinarians,breeders, pet shows, other pet owners and reference books and websites. Once your choices are narrowed to a few breeds or mixed breeds (which by the way can be healthier due to something called hybrid vigor) set up a consultation with your prospective veterinarian for more detailed information on pet care, pet behavior, inherited medical problems, and physical characteristics of the breed(s). Making a selection involves consideration as to purebreed vs mixed breed,puppy or adult, kitten or cat, male or female, short hair or long hair, and adopt vs. shop: meaning breeder, private home, pet store or humane associations.  The internet site such as provides a wealth of information and will direct you to an AAHA: American Animal Hospital Association accredited veterinary hospital by local zip code. Mostly, don't ever buy a pet on impulse!  There is even a law in NY that  prevents someone from buying a pet if they're intoxicated.  And, even though there are consumer protection laws known as "pet lemon laws" problems can easily be prevented with some planning. Otherwise you're  just setting up for a situation that could be problematic! The veterinarians of Animal Health Care of Marlboro are members of the American Animal Hospital Association, an organization of more than 10,000 veterinarians who treat companion animals such as dogs and cats.  The association is well-known among veterinarians and the pet owning public for its high standards for hospitals and pet health care and the material in this post comes from material in a previously published press release.