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Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats: the dirty dilemma

Jan 08

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Imagine waking up after the holiday celebration, maybe with a little holiday hangover, and you come down to see a prize package of diarrhea. Oh no... dietary indiscretion? Get the clean up crew; PU! And then it happens again... it's clear, this is not one and done... what to do?  So your dog or cat has diarrhea maybe with a little  vomiting thrown in for good measure? What do you do if it's a holiday or a snow day or it's after hours at your pet's vet? You might be left to searching Dr. Google or asking well meaning pet loving friends or family members.
If it's during regular hours at your animal hospital we hope you'll call us for advice. Because after all ,we're going to help you with some suggestions that you might be able to do: home wise or if it's something more concerning and severe with bloody mucus (slimy stuff) in the pile of poop we may suggest that this particular dog or cat needs to come and see us for some intervention medically or nutritionally! The diarrhea could be from the introduction  of a new food or treat, or an overload of snacks, food leftovers that we indulge in, over-feeding, over-calories, over-fat filled foods or there can be dietary indiscretion including eating non food items: wrappers, decorations, presents, oh no!
Just rummaging through the yard, dogs sniffing around because they're kind of like a vacuum cleaner (read hoover, anyone) or indoor- outdoor cats that are out and about  chasing things down or indulging in food left out by "well-meaning" animal lovers who want to feed the strays...   to supplement their food bowls can lead to dietary overload.. So if you have a need for a  solution for diarrhea in your dog or your cat, here's a few things that you have to look out for:  look around the house and make sure that nothing like the bathroom or kitchen garbage or laundry  basket or closets with shoes and clothes haven't been raided by your pet! Things that have been eaten  that are  non food related that might be more of a problem,  more so  than your 'straight up' dietary indiscretion food overload leading to our version of 'Black Friday': in the veterinary world it's called Brown Friday.
And many times, we can, with some simple steps, resolve the issue. Diarrhea can be because of a variety of causes: intestinal parasites dietary indiscretion --including non food item ingestion as well as unusual foods or too fatty or rich food intake. These problems can and may have different treatment plans. It's  also is important to take into consideration the age of the dog or cat any contributing or chronic or ongoing problems, medications, environment change, well meaning guest, doggy play/day care...
Lastly, those pets who develop diarrhea because of food allergy which is a more chronic or long lasting problem often require diagnostics and testing to identify cause and effect relationships with a long term plan in place. Most people think about food intolerance where you eat something new or different, and it goes right through you but with food allergies it's  a little different in dogs and cats. It's really mouthful after meal- full after months full : the body become sensitized to the food, ingredient, treat or flavoring and the end result is diarrhea....
And don't forget with diarrhea there can also be vomiting --so our goal is to find out how to best treat this GI upset and  make it go away. There's often times not a lot of diagnostics involved in our first-time diarrhea discussions.
A stool sample is always an important part of our diagnostic searching because intestinal parasites can be the culprit many times, but other causes are really important to consider with the goal of re-balancing and returning the digestive tract to normal function.
You don't have to go it alone... call your pet's vet... after all we're ready to help!