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Nov 11

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Our Veterinarian, Dr Deb Breistein from the Animal Health Care of Marlboro, is a New Jersey Certified Fear Free Veterinary Hospital.

What is Fear Free?

Fear Free is all about the human-animal bond. As a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional, it’s our goal to help you develop a powerful, life-long relationship with your dog or cat, one that for all parties is as free as possible of the fear, anxiety and stress that can take a toll on even the most devoted of friendships. Fear Free Pets is an education company dedicated to providing resources, tools and knowledge to both pet professionals and pet owners to look after our pets’ emotional and physical well-being, and to provide pets with long, happy, healthy lives. Their mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets and educate and inspire the people that care for them. Fear Free is dedicated to creating a world where every pet experiences Fear Free at every stage in his or her life – from shelters and breeders, to homes, veterinary visits, trainers, groomers, pet sitters, dog parks, transportation, enrichment and more. Below is how our listing appears on the Fear Free Pet Website:

Dr. Deb Breitstein

 299 Route 9 South at Union Hill Road Marlboro, NJ 07726
 Animal Health Care of Marlboro

Animal Health Care of Marlboro was started as a companion animal hospital on April 13, 1992. Through the combined experiences and efforts and a great deal of excitement of Dr. Steven Tepper, and Dr. Deborah Breitstein. Consequently, our goal was to provide comprehensive, high quality preventive medical, surgical, and dental care to our furry family members. First of all, we envision a friendly, compassionate atmosphere, where we can have an open dialogue with you, our pet parents. Consequently, we give the best healthcare to area pets.

We felt that wellness programs promote a proactive approach in extending the lives of our patients, while enhancing the duration of companionship with you, our clients. As a result, these wellness services are expected by our clients. They are deserved by our patients.

Due to this work, we are your other family doctor.
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