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February 28th Marks the 23rd Annual World Spay Day

Feb 14

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February 28th Marks the 23rd Annual World Spay Day
Paws up, who's excited about the upcoming 23rd Annual World Spay Day? Your dogs and cats may have gone running as soon as we posed the question, but realistically we should all be celebrating this annual event. Take it from a friendly, compassionate veterinarian in Marlboro: spaying and neutering our pets is good for them and good for the world at large. The most obvious reason for spaying and neutering our cats and dogs is that doing so is the number one way to prevent unexpected litters. Everybody loves kittens and puppies, but the reality is that unless there are homes lined up for these little guys and gals their future can be difficult. There are millions of stray animals in the United States alone. It is impossible to count them all. Spaying and neutering our pets will ensure that this number doesn't grow.

Annual World Spay Day In America Vs. The World

Of course, we here at ahc know better than anyone that pet owners in the states are among the most responsible in the world. Nearly 90% of domestic cats and dogs are already spayed and neutered, so odds are your pet is among them. If not, however, it's never too late to take them in for a fast and affordable procedure. Nowadays, you may take your pet home the same day. Spaying and neutering your animals doesn't just curb the number of stray dogs and cats on the streets; it also helps those pets with homes. According to a report conducted by the Humane Society and published by USA Today, animals who have been spayed and neutered tend to live significantly longer. Some estimates say spayed female dogs can even live up to 23% longer than their unaltered counterparts. The numbers are a little less clear-cut for cats. Regardless of the species the consensus seems to be that spaying and neutering is good for their long-term health. Annual World Spay Day brings a focus to this research and the needs of the community.

Curbing Overpopulation

Ultimately, it's important to remember that animals that have been spayed or neutered don't contribute to overpopulation. Also live longer, happier lives. This is great news for your personal pet, and even better news for animals in general. Each year, far too many stray cats and dogs are euthanized in the America. A result of irresponsible pet owners failing to take care of their animals. So, make sure you're part of the solution instead of the problem. Since its founding by the Doris Day Animal League, way back in 1995, the Annual World Spay Day has spread to almost 70 countries. This year it takes place on February 28th. Mark your calendar! For more information, come visit ahc in Marlboro Township in Englishtown, NJ, and don't forget that you can make an appointment on our contact page. Do it for your pet!