Harmful Holiday Foods When Feed To Your Pets This Year


Harmful Holiday Foods To Your Pets

Dec 05

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Harmful Holiday Foods To Your Pets
  The holidays are here, and no matter what else the season brings you we bet it's going to be full of great food! There's nothing better than gathering around a table with our family and friends, sharing stories, laughs, and second helpings. Yet this time of year it's more important than ever to remember that certain foods we love can actually be really bad for certain member of our family: our pets. With this in mind it's important to educate yourself. Learn which harmful holiday foods should stay strictly on your plate so that everybody has a happy holiday.

Harmful Holiday Foods And Dogs

We tend to think of dogs as omnivores, and so are likely to slip them the occasional table scrap without thinking twice about it. This can be a recipe for disaster. Since our canine friends are liable to scarf down anything and everything you offer them. Even if the food is toxic to their systems. Think of it this way: if your great-aunt has a nut allergy you wouldn't let her have a slice of pecan pie. So don't let your Great Dane have any of the foods that are bad for her, either. Most dog owners know that chocolate is poisonous to their pets, but that's only the tip of the smorgasbord. Onions are seriously toxic to dogs, as are avocados, grapes (and raisins), pitted fruits (plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, etc.), macadamia nuts, and alcohol. What's more, many dogs are lactose intolerant, so milk and other dairy products can cause serious intestinal distress. Then there is the dangerous candy and gum. The fat trimming and bones pose a potentially life-threatening hazard to your dog's mouth, throat, and digestive system. Raw eggs, yeast products, and anything heavy in salt and/or sugar can send your poor pooch to the emergency vet, so leave that fruitcake on the table where it belongs. Also beware of any foods containing xylitol. This sugar-substitute is highly toxic and your pet must receive veterinary intervention immediately.

The Difference between Cats And Dogs

Cats may be pickier eaters than dogs, but if given the opportunity they will also eat foods they shouldn't. While we think of cats and dogs as polar opposites, they actually share a lot of the same problem foods. Those harmful foods include all forms of onion; grapes and raisins; chocolate and candy; bones, liver, and fat trimmings; and yeast products and eggs. There are also a few additional forbidden foods like liver and yes, dog food. Furthermore, certain products we actually associate with cats can have a disastrous effect on their health. Even if your puss likes milk or tuna fish be sure to cut these out of their diet immediately. These harmful holiday foods aren't just a problem at the holidays, of course. More traffic through our homes makes for a higher possibility of one of our furry companions getting a nibble of something they should not. If this happens you need to get them into a Marlboro veterinary facility as soon as possible, since time is of the essence with all forms of accidental poisoning. Whether you are in the Marlboro Township or Englishtown you can hop on the ahc page for emergency and urgent care services to make an appointment right away. We at Animal Health Care of Marlboro want to make sure everyone has the happiest holiday season ever. The best present you can give your pets is a clean bill of health!