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Healthy, or hiding disease? Your pet’s well care and Animal Health Care

Aug 17

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Twice a year visits 4 your pet 2 the veterinarian can catch health problems early Everyone has heard that pets age seven years for every human year but have you really thought about what that means for your pet and their health risks? It's true, that on average pets age up to seven times faster than people.  So when you take your furry friend to the vet once a year it's like making a visit to your doctor or dentist once every seven years! And the faster aging process that cats and dogs experience means that serious health changes can occur in short period of time. Early detection is the key and now is a great time to start. Your pets do talk and speak volumes about their happiness, anxiety, and feelings but we need to be ready to listen! Early detection and being proactive about your pet's health care uncovers problems and concerns, well, early. And, this kind of care is not about one test, or a series of tests, or just one visit; it's a continued caring for those you love most.  It's a new emphasis in the way of caring for our pets! And, your pet's vets and the animal health care team work together to be an advo-cat and be dog-diligent about regular testing as the key to prevention. Know the warning signs that are common to many diseases: -bad breath/drooling -change in sleeping habits:we know cats sleep 23.5 hours a day, but try to notice since everyone know cats are great at keeping secrets! -change in pee or poop patterns:accidents and housetraining slip-ups may not be just bad manners :( -change in water drinking -problems going up or down stairs: could be stiff creaky joints or vision problems -lumps or bumps -coughing and/or sneezing -confusion or disorientation Signs like these do not just go away and should not be ignored.  Early intervention can mean a lifetime of good health.  And just like with people, as we age our health care needs change. So, remember early detection + prevention = protection for your pets.  And that's the equation that makes the most health care sense to us. Healthy pets and healthy people the other family doctor: your AAHA accredited veterinarians of Animal Health Care of Marlboro.