Helping cat owners choose cat friendly veterinary practices


Helping cat owners choose cat friendly veterinary practices

Aug 17

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Research shows that the number of owned cats is increasing and there are now millions of more owned cats than owned dogs. But, many cat owners avoid visiting their veterinarians and scheduling veterinary visits for a number of reasons. Many cat owners find the process of getting the cat into the carrier a main stumbling block: you've got everything ready and then WOOSH: no cat to be found (where did they find that hiding place?). Then there's the ride to the veterinarian hearing their precious pussycat howling the entire way making for an anxious experience. Next concern, the waiting room or lobby where cats see dogs and other unfamiliar pets increasing the fear factor exponentially for  both sides of the carrier and leash! And finally, the exam room, a space where the examination involves some insult (temperature taking) the use of very sharp objects (vaccination injections), and the potential for poking and probing (oh my!).

At Animal Health Care of Marlboro the veterinary health care team tries to make this experience as cat friendly as possible. We get our "kitty mojo" going on for you and your cat! We will take advantage of opportunities to improve wellness care with client education and proactive ways to diagnose diseases earlier to help ensure a longer, better quality of life for your cat. The veterinarians and pet loving team feel that this approach to caring for cats builds a strong relationship with our pet parents and improves the care we give our cats.  Our strong emphasis on client relationships builds the loyalty and comfort that can lead to a more beneficial veterinary visit.

The goal of our cat friendly practice is to improve feline health and well being. We certainly believe the being proactive by identifying concerns before they become problems is much more effective in quality of life for our cats of all ages. We have the information and skills to treat our kitties from pediatric to geriatric for their medical, surgical and dental needs: our oldest patient in our practice was 26.5 years old and Dr. Breitstein performed surgery to remove a tumor on Patti at age 26 years: she did great and lived another 6 months before peacefully passing on!

At  ahcmarlboro, we have implemented standards of care to help our veterinary practice become cat friendly both in the physical environment and in the ways in which cat health care is delivered. We try to remove barriers in veterinary visits for cats and their people to make the experience a positive one! Stress reduction is essential during examination (padded, soft surfaces), hospitalization (with visiting opportunities that fit your schedule), boarding (special kitty condos with natural lighting and interactive play), as well as use of feline aromatherapy (Feliway diffuser pheromones), and additional calming methods during other procedures such as diagnostics and X rays (with separate sleeping spaces for our cats away from the barking dogs).

We can teach you some effective ways to bring your cat in to see our animal health care team! We will listen to you and discuss your concerns so that we can form a partnership to be actively engaged in your cat's healthcare plan and individual needs.  Our cat owners appreciate the empathy we show towards them and their cats- they appreciate that getting cats to the veterinary hospital is recognized and addressed.  We are often told that their cats seem much more relaxed when visiting us because we show our love of cats of all types from the scruffy tomcat to the show cat and all the varieties in between. We are seeing more cats in our practice as the experience is being discussed between our clients as well as in our social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIN. We're trying hard to make sure cat clients choose our practice for the care and comfort of the cats. So we know the word is getting out there: we love cats...and they purr for us.

But... if you don't like our catitude: call 1-800-get a dog :)