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How do I travel with my dog safely in summer? Ask your veterinarian!

Aug 17

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Now that summer is here we often want to spend time travelling with our pets and even take them on vacation with us.  So how can we make it a safe summer for our pets? First and foremost alway have identification for your pets. The first recommendation is a microchip which when scanned reveals important contact information should your dog or cat get lost in an unfamiliar place.  Also, a collar identification tag is very helpful as well. At Animal Health Care we ask our pet parents: "got chip?" ala the milk commercial ads. We can place a microchip in a regularly schedule office visit: no anesthesia needed as the implant is just like a vaccination injection and the chip is the size of a seed!  Just waiting for the chip to be a GPS locator:) Second, never leave your pets in your car even with the windows open EVER! The temperature in your car can rise in a matter of moments and the results are disasterous. And, don't let them ride in the back of the open truck bed where they could jump out and get injured. Third, if your dog vomits or heavily drools even at the thought of a car ride and that has been preventing your travel plans then ask your pet's vet about CERENIA: a medication that can prevent motion sickness in your dog.  Motion sickness is a stressful condition that is reported to affect 1 out of every 6 dogs.  It can prevent the whole family from taking a trip together, causing you to miss out on a great bonding experience. For cats, we use a slightly different apppoach with aromatherapy such as Feliway and Bach's flower remedies which are a natural ways to combat  nausea and vomiting.  Fourth, always have water available and clean up supplies for accidents on the road: because they will happen! So get ready, set, go... Handy travel tips: *Before your travel : visit your pet's vet for health certificates showing updated vaccination protection, refill any needed prescriptions for your trip duration. *Plan for extra stops during your trips for exercise and elimination breaks. *Make a list of pet friendly hotels: AAA and Internet web sites are great resources. *Look for a local contact veterinarian and emergency veterinary hospital: AAHA has a listing of local veterinary hospitals based on a state directory. *Travelling by plane? Consult the airline for travel carrier specifics and health and acclimation certificates  needed for travel. So ready, set, travel-enjoy summer safely! -travel tips and product information courtesy of your Animal Health Care Team and Pfizer Animal Health