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Marlboro: Brush Your Pet’s Teeth!

Aug 17

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Our pets need to keep their teeth clean, white and bright. Flip those lips and smell that breath, we’re all about encouraging gentle dental health. More than 85% of our companion animals will have some form of dental disease by the age of three years if a proactive approach to dental health has not been started at an early age. We really hate to have to extract diseased teeth that could have been prevented by some home care on our parts. Let us show you with a brief but explanatory examination how you can protect the oral health with regular dental examinations and adjustments to home care routines that can be very effective in keeping your pet’s mouth healthy. Poor oral health has far reaching effects on the working of other body systems; most commonly the heart and the kidney filter functions that can compromise the proper working of these important systems. The next time you visit our animal hospital at the Animal Health Care of Marlboro, ask one of our vet techs or a veterinarian to show you some simple brushing techniques