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Grooming: Out with the Old and In with the New—Hair Do, That Is!

Mar 06

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Grooming: Out with the Old and In with the New—Hair Do, That Is!
Now that we're all grown up, we know that lecture we received before we got our first dog or cat. It was actually on point. Owning an animal is a big responsibility! The rewards are endless, of course, but that doesn't change the fact that being a good pet owner means being a responsible pet owner. When it involves something like grooming that your pet may not be crazy about. Some animals love being groomed, but whether they like it or not, regular grooming is an important part of maintenance. The more often it is performed, the more used to it they will get. Grooming isn't just an aesthetic issue. Well-groomed pets are proven to be both happier and healthier, and who wouldn't want that? If you have a dog, you may be wondering how much grooming he needs beyond the occasional bath, and if you have cats, you may be asking if you have to do anything at all, since they bathe themselves. The truth about cats and dogs, if you will, is that both can do a decent job of looking after themselves, but there are certain things that humans can do far better. Then of course there are things they don't know how to do, and wouldn't even if they did—can you imagine your dog trimming her fluffy coat or your cat giving himself a lion cut to stay cool in the summer?

Your Marlboro Grooming Team Works With Medicated Shampoos

Both dogs and cats sometimes need a medicated shampoo, nail trim, or haircut for better hygiene and comfort. Dogs often need to have their nails trimmed for health and comfort. We remove hairs from deep in their ears where they can cause pain and deafness.  We remove tear stains or crusting from their eyes. Cats on the other paw need to have their claws buffed a little less sharp. Their eyes and ears checked for various issues. A deep conditioning and shampoo on top of their regular tongue baths. These are just the tip of the snout, too. The Marlboro Grooming Team is so much more than just keeping your pet looking good, it's also a matter of keeping them healthy and feeling good. You may be curious if it's really better to go with a professional groomer or to just do it yourself. The answer is that both are actually important. Doing regular light grooming in the comfort of their home is obviously beneficial. It can also be important to take them in for a more thorough going over. The Marlboro Grooming Team has special training and tools. They make short work of tasks that may be difficult or uncomfortable to do at home. Especially the dreaded expressing anal glands. Expert groomers like you will find at your favorite Marlboro veterinarian also know what to look for when grooming to make sure your animal is in good health. Even animals who suffer anxiety over going into the veterinarian soon learn to differentiate and even enjoy their spa days. Having professionals handle the heavy grooming will ensure they keep your pet happy and calm for the duration.

Give The Gift Of Dog Grooming

The best gift you can give your dog or cat is a grooming appointment at Animal Health Care of Marlboro. Visit our pet grooming page for more details, and once you settle on a grooming plan, visit the contact page to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you and your furry friend at our office in Englishtown, NJ. Nestled in the heart of Marlboro Township.