Marlboro Animal Health Care Pet Grooming Tips for Holiday Photos!


Marlboro Pet Grooming Tips for Holiday Photos!

Nov 25

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Marlboro Pet Grooming Tips for Holiday Photos!
The holidays are fast upon us, and that means it's time to start thinking about that all important seasonal tradition: holiday pet photos! Whether you're planning on a full house with a dozen different relations or something more low-key, you'll want to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion. Whether you prefer a photo album or a Facebook folder, these pictures are going to last a lifetime so you want to look your best…and if you're a pet owner you want your companion to look their best, too! Here at ahc we've got your Marlboro pet grooming needs covered—follow these simple tips and your four-legged family member will be ready for their close-up!   If you're a dog owner, the first thing you want to do is schedule a shampoo and cleaning. This is true regardless of whether your canine friend is a Heinz Hound or an AKC registered purebred with papers tracing its ancestry back to when man first domesticated the dog: all animals look their shiny-coated best when they are freshly washed. Winter is not the time to experiment with DIY dog washing, either, since it is too cold to shampoo them outside and doing it in the bathroom will fumigate your house with Eau de Wet Dog. Better leave it to the professionals!   If you're a cat owner you are off the hook with shampooing, of course, but that doesn't mean your four-legged family member doesn't deserve a spa day. In addition to employing an arsenal of tools to insure your feline friend is as glossy or fluffy as possible, we can provide all the other grooming essentials that might not be possible at home. No matter how temperamental your tabby, we will make it feel right at home and give it a complete makeover.   Before you and your little friend say cheese, you'll also want to make sure those pearly whites are nice and clean. Dental hygiene is notoriously tricky with pets, but just as essential as it is for the more upright members of the family, so bring them on in and let our Gentle Dental Care service take care of those teeth. We can take care of a quadruple pedicure during the same appointment, too, though ahc does not use nor recommend nail polish! We would suggest a festive new collar, however, or, if you have an especially good boy or girl on your hands, a little Santa hat to make your holiday photos extra jolly. So as you start making your holiday plans, don't forget to include your little friends—ahc serves all breeds and needs, be they feline or canine. Come over to the Animal Health Care of Marlboro pet grooming page, and once you settle on a grooming plan, visit the contact page to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you and your friend, in either Marlboro or our offices in Englishtown, NJ. Happy holidays!