My friend Buddy: veterinarian no longer dog-less: Mia makes move


My friend Buddy: veterinarian no longer dog-less: Mia makes move

Aug 17

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It's been more than 1 year now that my dog, Buddy, our Shiba Inu left our family. He was 17. He came to us as a 10 month old who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and abandoned with his injuries. He had another name, but to be honest he was just my Buddy. Dr. Tepper brought him to Animal Health Care where through several surgeries and lots of love we pieced him back together. What a great friend and companion: he fit right in even though the resident cats at the time took to dive bombing him from the book shelves and loudly voiced their opposition. He had a job to do and he did it so well! But as he became affected with doggie dementia we adjusted our lives to suit his special needs. How hard to realize that as a veterinarian I could not stop this progressive doggie Alzheimer's  affliction. Even when the MRI study came back negative- who would have thought I was hoping the neurologist would find a brain tumor! (because after all that could be surgically removed).  So on a Monday evening in January we said our final goodbye to Buddy Breitstein (all our pets have first and surnames) with tears, no make that sobs of pain, knowing though that we were making this decision out of love and respect for my Buddy, even as our hearts were breaking in a grazillion pieces. His paw prints are so deeply etched into my heart. I miss him so very much.

Now once again, it's a specal day in the Breitstein household. I met Mia a 5 year old lab something mix who need to be rehomed because her family is moving and cannot take her with them. She came to meet me at the animal hospital today. Her mommy was very sad but as we met , Mia wagged her tail and I think things will work out. She bounced into the car and walked right into our lives as though she has always been there. She exlpored the yard and we walked the neighborhood.  The resident cats are not sure what to make of her and voiced their opinion by walking away and ignoring this new addition.

Tomorrow Mia will get a get a spa treatment and bath by our talented grooming team at ahc. And, we'll send off a sample of her blood to find out by DNA testing through the Wisdom MX panel what's in the mix of this mixed breed dog. Stay tuned...