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Nutrition and Weight Management Tips for Our Canine Friends

Dec 13

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Nutrition and Weight Management Tips for Our Canine Friends
We all love our dogs and want them to live long and healthy lives. All responsible pet owners know the importance of regular check-ups and taking our dogs to the vet. Yet there is something more that almost all of us could be doing to improve our dog's health, and the good news for everyone is that it doesn't involve more visits to the vet. This at-home key to giving your dog the best and healthiest life possible is to manage their nutrition and weight management. It's easier than it sounds, too, if you keep a few basics in mind. The first thing to remember is that dogs don't like diets any more than we do. They rely on us to keep them safe and healthy. You wouldn't let your canine pal eat something potentially deadly like chocolate or chicken bones. Why let them overeat when the consequences can be just as dire? A dog doesn't have to be enormous to suffer serious health effects, either, and obesity in dogs is increasingly common these days. Almost 60% of adult dogs are overweight. Other dogs studied are fast approaching it due to their low level of activity or advancing age. So what's wrong with having a fat dog, anyway? Diabetes is actually very common in dogs, as are high blood pressure, heart and respiratory problems, and even cancer. Being overweight can also put a terrible strain on your dog's skeletal system, leading to osteoarthritis. It can impact the function of virtually every organ from their kidneys to their heart, and lead to debilitating gastrointestinal disorders. The list goes on. You can see why keeping your dog at a healthy weight is so crucial to its long-term happiness.

Will Power In Nutrition And Weight Management

Most dogs have zero willpower when it comes to food, so it falls to you to manage your dog's weight. Fortunately it's pretty easy to control what they eat. After all, most dogs we've met can't graze from the fridge or order a pizza. So if you slip your dog the occasional table scrap that's a habit you need to kick cold turkey, as feeding our pets human food doesn't just effect their weight, it can be downright deadly since there are a ton of ingredients that can be literally poisonous. Cutting out table scraps is the easiest place to start but it's not the only solution. Come into a Marlboro veterinary facility and talk to an expert about different dog food options to make sure your pet is eating a brand that is both 100% nutritionally compete and low-calorie. There are a lot of options out there. What will be best for your dog depends on its age, activity level, and current health and nutrition needs. Consult your veterinarian before settling on a new food. The final key to keeping your dog at a healthy weight is to be proactive about exercise. Taking your dog for walks and playing in the yard aren't just fun for your furry friend, they're essential for keeping him or her in peak health. An ounce of prevention is the best medicine for all sorts of ailments. Check out the Animal Health Care of Marlboro page on pet nutrition and weight management to make sure you're on the right track. When in doubt schedule an appointment to talk to a professional. We look forward to setting up a customized diet plan for your dog in our Englishtown, NJ office.