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Pet Boarding And Kennel

Oct 22

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Pet Boarding And Kennel
Pet boarding and kennel services for dogs ,cats, and furry friends at Animal Health Care of Marlboro! You know there are times you need to to be away from our furry kids that we love so much...So what should you  do? Lots  of options exist: pet sitter, boarding kennel, doggie daycare/play care (not for cats) leave them home alone (oh-no).  Let ahc be their home away from home whether a short day stay, a long weekend, holiday or a week or two. We shower attention on the cats and dogs and our other furry friends because our  crazy pet loving team loves to love them with as much special attention 7 days a week. And for our 'special needs kids', those that need medications, frequent follow up,  and walks to keep those joints from stiffening up, or for those who don't necessarily get along with other Canine colleagues, or Kitty companions AHC offers another solution. That's our medical special need and care boarding. We house the pets in our care in separate  dogs and cat areas. We give them individual attention, climate controlled natural lighting,  individual walks (dogs only: not too many cats cotton to this idea) on around the natural green grass on grounds so they get some fresh air. Our kitty condo room is for our feline friends and can handle families of kitties who prefer group vacations. It's away from the hub of the general hospital, but right next door team break room. So there is a lot of foot traffic for frequent petting interactions with our pet boarding and kennel clients. So let us know how we can help your dogs and cats. We have different size sleeping spaces for those who want larger spaces, smaller spaces, and whatever their needs are. We are here to comfort and care for those in our care.

Should a problem arise...

You already know our veterinary team on location. The doctors can be alerted by our care team to, and help with, any problems that arise. Not only can the traveling be stressful enough without the added worry of how your pet's doing in your absence. So let us provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time away. We're happy to help and love them until we get them back to your home. We want to be your pet's second best friends. Let us be their home away from home when you can't leave them alone.