Pet Boarding for Bogs & Cats at Animal Health Care of Marlboro NJ

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding is offered at the Marlboro Animal Hospital.

Pet Boarding, Pet Boarding In New Jersey

Kitty Room

The Kitty Room has play stations for climbing and scratching and kitty condos with perching spaces for exercise or sleep. We make sure that your cat will have human contact and consideration from our veterinary technicians.

Dog Area

The dog area features heated-floor runs and cushions for traction and support. Frequent leash walks around the grounds are part of the normal routine for boarded pups. We come to each cage and spend time with each dog while they are in our care.

Pet Boarding Your Exotic Pets

Animal Health Care of Marlboro is also equipped to take care of exotic pets; rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chinchillas are more than welcome.