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Pet Dental Health for Cats and Dogs

Jan 25

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Pet Dental Health for Cats and Dogs
Pet dental health is very important part of your dog or cats's overall health and dental problems can cause or be caused by other health problems. So your pets teeth and gum should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pets mouth healthy, clean and smelling sweet on those lips and breath. If you pet's breath smells bad, well, then there's something we can do in veterinary dentistry. Those that perform it should be done in a veterinary office with professionals that are skilled in the art of knowing what's normal and what's not normal in a dog or cats mouth. So our pets need to keep their teeth clean, white and bright and we're responsible for helping them do that. More than 85% of our companion animals will have some form of dental disease by the age of the Rings, so we try with a proactive approach to allow you to perform some basic maneuvers at home to ensure good dental health and it should be started at an early age. We obviously want to avoid pain of extracting diseased teeth so we encourage prevention by home health care programs. So let us show you with a brief but explanatory examination how you can protect the oral health of your pets with regular dental examinations. Some breeds of animals may be more prone to dental disease based on facial structure and tooth position. All dogs are supposed to have 42 teeth in their mouths, but you know, those cute little pushed-in face dogs don't have enough room for all 42 teeth so there could be crooked teeth or missing teeth or overlapping teeth and those can be sites of problems in our dogs. Cats too can have these issues some animals can be allergic to their own plaque setting the stage for accelerated dental problems. There are also some genetic diseases. There are infectious diseases that also can contribute to dental problems. There are many choices for maintaining good dental health at home. We can help you with dog and cat tooth brushing, choosing the best brush, choosing the appropriate toothpaste and more. There are other things too that we can do to help keep those teeth clean, white, healthy and bright! Regular professional care and the tailored Home Care Program can help keep your furry friend's mouth healthy and tongue licking sweet. So give us a call after your pet's vet today about how you can do better with dental health for your pets.