PetPortals-your pet's personal website information through your vet


PetPortals-your pet’s personal website information through your vet

Aug 17

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Pet Portals are an exciting new way we, your veterinary health care team, can help provide great pet health care at your convenience.  For every pet registered on our home website page  you have secure access to your pet's information at any time of day or night, and you can connect to a comprehensive online pet health library, pharmacy, email services, online store and more. And best of all it's absolutely FREE!

We can inform pet parents quickly and easily about important medical news such as product or food recalls.  The animal hospital can also keep you up to date on hospital services and special offers and we can send reminders about medication dosing and routine health care.  Pet parents can ask questions, request appointments and prescription refills, and shop in the PetPortal online store.

Now you can manage your pet's health care online-

PetPortals are private, secure websites that contain you pet's health information available now and FREE from your Animal Health Care of Marlboro team. You can now use your PetPortal to conveniently manage your pet's health online, anytime!

Use your PetPortal to

  • Remind yourself with an email when to give that heartworm or flea preventative medication--Medication minders make it easy!
  • Order refills of prescriptions and special diets-even when we're not open and you've just used your last dose or at the bottom of the bag of food!
  • Request an appointment, boarding reservation or grooming day of beauty.
  • Print your pet's vaccination history and record.  If you ever need proof  of vaccination for travel or licensing just print your pet's vaccination record from your PetPortal.
  • Use PetNotes to easily create and print health care instructions for pet sitters and dog walkers or kennel team when you're out of town.
  • Shop on the convenient online store

Ask questions or communicate your concerns via PetMAil-an easy to use messaging system  only from your PetPortal. Our team monitors PetMail each day that we're open for business and will make sure your questions and requests are answered quickly.

Don't have a PetPortal yet? No problem! Just give us your email address and we'll send you a password.  To get your PetPortal, simply:

  • Visit our website and click the PetPortal login button. Just follow the instructions you'll find under the "Want a PetPortal?" header.
  • Give us your email address when you visit us at Animal Health Care
  • Give us your email address when you next speak to us on the telephone.

Don't delay-start managing your pet's care with your PetPortal today!