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Public awareness of pet care through Animal Health Care and the American Animal Hospital Association

Aug 17

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The Time Is Now according to AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association. At the annual meeting held in Phoenix, AZ it was revealed that a major public awareness campaign launch of the importance of veterinary practice accreditation is planned. Animal Health Care of Marlboro has been an accredited practice since 1993, one year after the hospital was constructed. According to Dr. Steven Tepper "our hospital was planned to meet the criteria set for excellence in veterinary care by AAHA." There now exist over 900 individual standards a veterinary hospital must meet for compliance testing which is strictly voluntary, but important for healthy pets in healthy practices. Dr. Breitstein recently returned from the annual AAHA meeting where a new logo has been introduced to reflect the direction the American Animal Hospital Association is taking. The goal is a broader practice alignment and public awareness, partnering with the television program Animal Planet in 2010. Research shows that pet owners care about accreditation knowing that their veterinary hospital maintains a higher standard of excellence. AAHA is respected nationally for its dedication to professional development, for the accreditation standards, and for education programs fostering the goal of professional development and cutting edge information that can be rapidly translated into better patient care. We hope to help spread the word about AAHA and their mission as it applies to Animal Health Care of Marlboro. For further information about any of these exciting events please contact us for more information at or e-mail the animal healthcare team