Ready...Set.. Travel! A NJ veterinarian's guide to animal health care


Ready…Set.. Travel! A NJ veterinarian’s guide to animal health care

Aug 17

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Planes, trains, automobiles.....are you ready to take your dog along, too?

Traveling is a great way for you and your family dog to see the great outdoors.  There are many pet friendly hotels (check AAA listings and website resources) and lots of ways to bond with your dog to make traveling fun and safe.

Some of us would like to travel with our dogs but they get too anxious or nauseous from motion sickness.  Now there is a new medication prescribed by your veterinarian to prevent the vomiting associated with motion sickness.  CERENIA is the first and only FDA-approved medication to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs.  As a once daily medication, CERENIA , given as needed  following simple guidelines, you now have the freedom to travel together!

So follow some safe traveling tips :

       1. Travel with a supply of food and water as well as clean up supplies for the outside elimination potty stops.

  • 2. Take along any necessary prescriptions (including CERENIA for the return trip), make sure you have a current health certificate, and that your dog is up-to-date on all core vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian about regional risk factors and different bugs and illnesses for specific travel areas.
  • 3. Plan extra stops to stretch legs in exercise and to get a fresh air break.
  • 4. Bring along contact information for your local home veterinarian and check for AAHA accredited veterinarians at your destination. Also check for emergency hospitals just in case...
  • 5. If there are times when you will be staying at someone's home or will be away from your dog, make sure there are no potential allergies, other pets who may not be familiar with your dog, and that someone is able to dog-sit and/or there is a safe place for your dog to stay.
  • 6. If traveling by airplane, check airline requirements and regulations for documentation for travel both domestically and internationally.
  • 7. If traveling by boat, make sure your dog has their sea legs and use a life jacket made for dogs... not all dogs are natural born swimmers (even the "water" breeds)!
  • 8. Take along extra leashes, bowls, and toys.
  • 9. Take along a picture ID of your dog which has pertinent and important information-stop in to ahc so we can provide you with an ID card-FREE and a handy travel passport envelope, too!

Now you're ready to go..... and enjoy!

For further information about any of these travel tips please contact us at or e-mail the animal healthcare team