Pet Behavior Counseling Services | Animal Health Care of Marlboro


Behavior Consultations

At Animal Health Care of Marlboro, we believe that your pet’s health care also includes their mental health. From young puppies and kittens to the special needs of our gracefully aging senior pets, we see many behavior tendencies that are familiar and others that aren’t as recognizable. Some of these behaviors are stress-driven, some derive from medical challenges, and others are environmentally influenced. Introducing new additions into the family (both the four-legged and two-legged kind) can change the dynamic at home. In some cases, problem behaviors may develop as a result. Dogs and cats speak a different language than we do, and sometimes it’s just so hard to figure out what they are trying to tell us.

Certain behaviors to look out for include: excessive growling, protective or possessive behavior, uncontrollable aggression around other animals or people, biting, extreme shyness, anxiety, or fear, excessive licking, etc. Schedule an appointment with us to learn how we can help manage, improve and understand any issues you are experiencing with your pet’s behavior.