Gentle Dental Care For Your Pet | Animal Health Care of Marlboro


Dental Care

Yearly check-ups, daily brushing and regular professional dental cleanings are the steps we take as humans to keep our teeth clean and healthy. The same routine applies for your pet!

We encourage dental health and disease prevention at an early age by establishing a scheduled home routine for your pet. While tooth-brushing with a pet-appropriate toothpaste is the best, we have a choice of dental foods, dental treats, rinses, water additives, gels, wipes and sprays that can be used to help provide comprehensive at-home care. Poor oral health has far-reaching effects that can impact your pet’s heart and kidneys as well. Our goal is to promote routine dental care and avoid the pain of extracting diseased teeth.

There are a variety of options for every patient to receive good dental care. We want you to ask questions to understand your options for pet dentistry and oral surgery. We will start with what the dental exam reveals and point out areas of concern with our assessment. Then, we will attach a grade to the dental status so we can monitor and follow with treatment recommendations. We will include at-home care instructions and scheduled in-hospital check-ups and procedures to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.