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Thanksgiving Pet Safety




Thanksgiving is a time to say thanks for all that we love and have. This includes our faithful animal companions. While we enjoy gathering with our friends and family for a feast, we need to keep in mind the safety of our furry friends. Here are some Thanksgiving pet safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season.

Unattended Food and Drink

Even if you do not purposefully feed your pet human food, pets may jump on tables and take advantage of uncovered trash cans. Here are
some situations to anticipate:

Family and Guests

Foods to Avoid

There are two groups of food to avoid feeding your pet. One is high-fat foods, which can cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) and affects both dogs and cats. The other food group is toxic foods, which require an immediate visit to a veterinarian.


Let’s work together to make Thanksgiving a safe holiday for our pets. Make sure your pets are monitored and give a quiet place for them to relax, away from food and family activities. A few simple precautions can help ensure that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


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click here to access our printable Thanksgiving pet safety guide