Veterinarian offers new drug free, surgery-free, pain free option


Veterinarian offers new drug free, surgery-free, pain free option

Aug 17

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At Animal Health Care of Marlboro we are very concerned about pain management in our pets.  In keeping with this theme we now offer the latest technology in health care for your pets.  This FDA cleared, deep-penetrating LASER light allow relief of pain through the release of endorphins and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate. This technology has had FDA clearance for over 6 years and is used in human medicine by chiropracters, pain management professionals, sports medicine doctors, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, professional sports teams as well as in veterinary hospitals.

When choosing a treatment option for our companion pets there now is an alternative to pharmaceuticals.  The Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure provides results without any dangerous side effects. Pets heal faster after surgery or traumatic injury.  Laser therapy eases pain and improves mobility minimizing the use of drugs and /or surgery. Senior pets get relief of aches and pains to allow for more freedom and improved quality of life.  Common disorders such as lick granulomas and chronic ear infections can be helped as well.

What can you expect?  Most chronic conditions require 6-12 treatments. Some conditions will show a positive response in one treatment but most do not.  Patients appear to feel better in 12-24 hours after treatment. Definite improvements should be noted by the second week.  Treatments are cummulative in nature and, the length of treatment and frequency of treatment improves outcomes.

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They've spent their whole life being your friend. Isn't it time you helped them through the aches and pains of everyday life?