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Our Veterinarians

Dr. Deborah Breitstein

Dr. Deborah Breitstein

If animals could talk… they’d bark and meow their hearty approval of Dr. Breitstein’s care. She has helped thousands of pets since graduating from veterinary school. And not only has…

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Dr. Steven Tepper

Dr. Steven Tepper

Dr. Steven Tepper always had pets while growing up—he and his family shared their home with dogs, birds, turtles, lizards, fish, hamsters, gerbils, and even a squirrel monkey that Dr.…

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Dr Neshama Weissman

Dr. Nashama Weissman

“I feel strongly that the best care for our patients comes from working together with their families to find solutions - whether that’s for preventive care, a weight loss plan…

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Our Team

Holding A Cat At Marlboro Cat Boarding

Gabby Fernandes Receptionist:

Your pet's good to go when you've got Gabby on the other end of the phone!

Vet Tech Holding A Cat

Shannon Henriques

Veterinary Nurse Supervisor: Outpatient and Surgical Super Care Giver

Mary Ann Harmyk

Hospital Director: Our go-to person who gets the job done


Noel Bianchi

Receptionist: Customer Care Representative Supervisor. Her customer service skills are just beyond compare... they're extraordinaire

Penny Hubbard

Receptionist: Customer Care Representative More than 23 years of dedication -- our 5 star true team player

Brittany O’Reilly Veterinary Nurse

She's always into learning and can't get enough... like a sponge she just soaks it up!

Kathy And Dog

Katherine Canas Veterinary Nurse

She's new to us but not new to veterinary medicine... we're delighted that she now "plays" for our team...

Vet Tech Holding A White Cat

Sam Cruz

Veterinary Nurse One of the happiest members of our Care Team members: one call and he does it all!

Holding A Puppy At Marlboro Dog Boarding

Tara Hynes

Veterinary Nurse: Outpatient and Surgical Services "Dental Diva: she keeps your pet's mouth super clean"

Chelsea Schlageter

Receptionist one of our quickest to learn: her customer interactions and service shows her utmost concern...

Justine Jacobson

Veterinary Nurse: Care Giver Extraordinaire Physical rehabilitation guru

Victoria Villafane

Victoria Villafane

Vet in Training our "vet in training" she just got accepted to vet school: from assistant-->nurse--> and now in 4 years DVM: doesn't need any more explaining: we're so proud:)

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