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Veterinary summer safety steps from Animal Health Care of Marlboro

Aug 17

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Summer is here and so here are a few important safety concerns and veterinary advice for protecting your pet's health this season:
  • Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes: make sure your pets (all of them including indoor cats and dogs who use inside elimination pads) are protected. Many products are available from which to choose, so ask your pet's vet for best advice. Many products have summer time rebates and coupons making them as affordable if not more so than from Internet pet sites.
  • Screen yourself: opening windows to welcome a break from the extreme summer temps can put pets at risk: they may jump or fall through unscreened  windows. check them now!
  • Buckle up: we're more likely to travel with our pets but beware tof eye injuries when dogs stick their heads out the window or when there are unanticipated short stops: do NOT let your pet ride in the front seat of your car or worse yet on your lap: air bag injuries can be devastating. Make sure you have proper carrying cases/cages and restraints for safe travel.
  • Let your garden grow:fertilizers, mulch, insecticides and herbicides keep our lawns and plants healthy and green but their ingredients aren't meant for our 4-legged friends and can be fatal. Read all labels carefully and follow directions.
  • Swim safely: not all dogs know how to naturally swim. Make sure you have life preservers and supervision. Also, dogs running around hot pavement can blister the paw pads. Most dogs just don't know when to stop: so you may need to intervene...
  • BBQ time: we're grilling and enjoying the outdoors: watch hot grills, citronella candles, and torches, and most of all garbage and leftovers: many a dog has presented for dietary indiscretion and the worst offender is eating corn cobs: can't see them on an X-Ray : they swell get stuck and need surgery to remove....
  • Kaboom: Thunderstorms and fireworks :oh my! So many pets become frantic and panic when these loud noises occur. We can help! We use may supplements and medications that can be useful for our pets even in the middle of a panic attack.
  • Vacation time: sometimes you just can't take your pets with you, so we'd be delighted to have them vacation and board with us!. We have climate controlled spaces for resting and exercise with the personal attention you would want for your kids. Right now we're inviting your pets to stay one free night with us to see how they'll love us. Call for availability and details: reserve their "rooms" today.
  • Summer haircuts and grooming baths: our groomer can make your dogs and cats comfortable for the hot weather. We even have grooming appointments on some Sundays for your convenience.
So call us today, we're here for our pet communities as the "go-to" resource for vets and pets in Monmouth and Middlesex counties treating pets and their people in Marlboro, Manalapan, Freehold, OldBridge, Monroe and more....