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Want a website personalized for your pet? Available through your vet.

Aug 17

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Want your pet to have SEO mojo or rank high in the search engines of internet marketing? Well, not exactly but your pet can now have his or her own website through Vetstreet Pet Portal your #1 online resource for all things animal. Your pet's veterinary records,  appointments as well as prescription refills of medication your pet currently takes, upload pictures for all their friends to see and share.... The veterinarians and health care team of Animal Health Care of Marlboro are excited about this new and detailed way for pet parents to have the information they need wherever and whenever they may want it 24/7! We'll be going live in the next few days  and we'll have the information you need to create your pet's own website with a secure log in and password for your (and their) eyes only! Interesting isn't it? You will have a secure access to a  website which is all about your pet through your veterinarian. Your pet. Your vet. Pet portals coming soon to a veterinarian near you: yourpetsvet at ahcmarlboro! Keep posted for more information or check posts on on our animal health care page  or @yourpetsvet.