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Welcome New Pets – and their people

Apr 29

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Welcome New Pets – and their people
We encourage you to come meet our veterinary team who are trusted resources for new pet owners or for the new pet in your home. We want to get to know you and you your pet. We'll want to ask questions about your lifestyle, your pet's lifestyle, family members other pets in their home,  routines  and your budget so that we can assess any needs and offer some suggestions for positive new pet experience with  a stress-less experience. Some of the things we'll cover will be preventive care, the importance of annual and most of the time twice a year checkups and vaccinations for those at risk concerns, and we'll spread the care over the year rather than try to get everything done all at one time. We recommend year-round flea tick and heartworm prevention for both dogs and cats,  even when the cats stay inside. Mosquitoes do find their way inside and they transmit disease that is completely preventable but sometimes fatal, especially when we're talking about cats. We'll want to talk about safety; what toys can be used, poisonous plants, fences, electric cords, dangerous foods, ponds and pools. Some of the house rules need to be set up both on your end and for us to help you.accomplish those goals.Topics include who's allowed or not on the  furniture, stealing food from the table, who's allowed to do what, when and where, what's the best ways for petting and crate training, choices in  nutritious foods and treats, using the proper collars, harnesses, leashes and restraints.We'll also focus on how you can best socialize the new edition, especially when there's a new pet that comes into a  household of resident pets (the more the merrier:). What's the routines that will be established, who in the family is going to be responsible for feeding, potty training, walks and discipline. Let's help start off on the right paw. And of course, budgeting. It costs money to take care of those that we love and things like pet insurance can help create an emergency fund. We also have a LOYALTY program that allows you to earn valuable dollar amount credits to use in the care of your pets. We love to  reward good health choices that way! We want to try and avoid expensive pet surgery if we have a properly trained and prepared family. So we'd like to take some extra time with our new pet owners and that can mean lots of years of health and happiness ahead. We welcome our new pets and their people into our veterinary practice because we want to make them patients for life.
we want to leave no pet behind... so why not put your pet's paws and your needs in our hands?